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Interview Tips for Medical Industry Jobs

Interview tips for medical industry jobs vary. Depending on who you ask. However, we’ve compiled the tips we believe to be most beneficial to you.

According to Monster.com, the stakes are higher in healthcare. So, medical industry employers ask tougher questions. Expect routine questions. But also be prepared for industry-specific questions that give you an opportunity to showcase your specialized skills.

Routine Interview Questions for the Medical Industry

Expect the usual.

  1. Why did you choose us?
  2. Why should we choose you?
  3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  4. How do you resolve disagreements?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

However, don’t answer as usual. Really think about why you’d like to work for your target employer. Then, be prepared to share a story that shows instead of tells. Perhaps your values line up with theirs. You could share a story that highlights your common values in action.

Specific Interview Questions for the Medical Industry

Expect a challenge. Monster.com offers a few specialized questions.

  1. So, you want to be a Phlebotomist for our organization.  Which anticoagulants are used in phlebotomy? And how do you do blood collection?
  2. To become a Nurse here, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of patient charts and data. Tell me about your experience in these areas.
  3. If you had a crystal ball, then what would it reveal to you about the future of healthcare?

Preparation + Practice = Positive Results

The best of interview tips for medical industry jobs is the sum of both preparation and practice.

Provide a list of possible interview questions to a friend or relative. Then, set a time to show up, dressed appropriately for a practice interview. With permission, record the interview. Next, review the recording. Note anything you’d like to change. Then, repeat the process. Finally, polish up anything about either your appearance or answers and rehearse one final time in front of the mirror.

Now, smile.

Grab your resume.

And go land your dream job in the medical industry!

And if you need assistance, then contact us. We delight in helping others find jobs.